Blackjack 21

Sweet Treats

Melissa Corea

Available Grabbs Remaining: 25

If you’re on a budget, it can be challenging to eat a low-carb and healthy diet—but it’s not impossible. Melissa Corea, who has run full-service hotels and restaurants throughout the country, reveals how to do it in this lifestyle manual. Her recipes are easy and fun, and her dishes can be made with a couple of pots and/or dishes. In fact, the author created the recipes using a fifteen-year-old four-burner electric range and oven, a basic refrigerator and freezer, and no fancy gadgets. Recipes include green tea pudding, which includes ground ginger, tofu, and heavy cream; gingerbread cookies with cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove; and dark-chocolate shortbread cookies, which include—you guessed it—chocolate (and other good stuff too). You’ll also find recipes for lemon chia-seed cookies, rainbow meringue cookies, chocolate-mint mousse parfait, Neapolitan clouds, lemon thyme soufflé, chocolate crepes, and more. The recipes can be made in batches, transported easily to the office or school, and made quickly. You can tweak them as you wish to meet your tastes. Satisfy your sweet tooth without spending too much money with this collection of recipes that feel naughty but are actually quite healthy.

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