Room 23 and the Lock-Down Drill

Suzanne Wolf and Guy Grace

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Awareness + Action Plan = Safety! How prepared are you and your students if an adverse situation occurred in your school? Room 23 and the Lock-Down Drill focuses on the one event no one ever wants to experience but the one for which everyone must prepare—how to stay safe during an active threat. Ms. Kindheart’s class hears a sudden lockdown announcement and are, at first, confused. A visit from Officer Michael helps the class reinforce all the ways they already know on how to be safe, and they are introduced to other vital components to a new safety routine. Room 23 and the Lock-Down Drill gives teachers a way to talk to their students about how to implement this very necessary but potentially difficult safety protocol, and it helps students understand how they can empower themselves and one another to stay safe in adverse conditions. With safety skills recommended by NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers) and NASP (National Association of School Psychologists), this safety routine can be utilized in any school. This book can be read aloud in a group or used individually. There are also lesson plan guidelines available to help any school or school district create an action plan that is easily understood by all. Please visit for more information. And the fun part for students? They get to find Safety Squirrel hiding in every illustration!

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