Safer Vaccines, Safer Children

Dr. Robert Caires DC, Esq. inactive

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How many vaccines that contain unnatural to human biology chemicals can be injected before your children suffer autism or some other condition? The answer is unclear, which is why it is imperative to parents—for the sake of their children’s health and very future—to never inject chemicals that could do irreparable harm. Dr. Robert Caires DC, Esq. inactive, a doctor and lawyer, explains why parents are placed in the uncomfortable position of refusing to vaccinate their children with vaccines that have unhealthy chemicals. Parents will consider SAFER vaccines. This book is a detailed account on how most vaccines are laced with harmful chemicals that can degenerate the health of children and even cause autism. Children deserve SAFER vaccines and parents need to protect children from CHEMICALIZATION! He makes a compelling argument that to assure SAFER vaccines, vaccination should not be mandated and that vaccine producers need to be held accountable and liable for injuries induced by vaccine chemicals. The priority must be safety, but for far too long, it’s been all about profits. Be safe, not sorry; only consider SAFER vaccines. The autism epidemic rages on because the main etiology of autism is the unnatural to human biology chemicals in vaccines that penetrate brain cells. Empower yourself, keep your children safe, and help change the system with the insights in Safer Vaccines, Safer Children.

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