Hacking's Not a Game

Gregory B. White

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The Moose family has been planning their annual trip to the beach for months. Mama and Papa Moose and their children Max, Molly, and Maggie plan to spend the day building sand castles. But when they get in the car and on the road, trouble begins.

Traffic is snarled because someone has hacked into the city’s computers and changed a number of important things. In fact, the Moose family’s whole trip turns into one misadventure after another as their plans are foiled by those who are messing around illegally with businesses’ computers. Max might just know who is responsible for the hacking.

A picture book for children, Hacking’s Not a Game introduces today’s kids to the subject of hacking and computer ethics. It provides parents an opportunity to address the consequences of hacking, the problems it causes innocent people, and what might happen to individuals who do it.

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