Aela's Story

M. Dumonceaux

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I am Aela. When I was fifteen, Viking raiders destroyed my world. I lost everything. I would have lost myself too if not for a wise and ageless woman, the moon, a man, a dog, and a relentless determination to find those responsible and make them pay. It was my only purpose. But when I found them—him actually—I soon realized that nothing is as expected and nothing will ever be simple again. I am Pandor. You need to know me. You want me to entice you with enough of my story to make you want to read it. That is something I would never do since I believe that if you have to be persuaded to read my words, you do not deserve them. I am the God of Chaos and I live forever. I am very powerful, majestic, dangerous, and irredeemably dark. I am a liar, a cheat, an adulterer, a plagiarizer, a thief, an unseen death, and a torturer. I am also an aesthete, a dedicated sensualist, a lover, and a demon. I am the worst of everything imaginable, but you will love me anyway. Ask me about anything—anything but Aela. In this fantasy tale, the path of a spirited Saxon girl seeking revenge crosses with that of a god who is not who he seems and more than she will ever understand.

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