The Antichrist Revealed

An Original Terrorist Novel

Roland Hopkins

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Brenda—a young, active, and attractive housewife living in a very high-class town—was ordered by her lawyer husband to not return to her very successful teaching and tennis-coaching jobs at the local high school. He was a control freak who was brought up to believe that men are always the total bosses. Brenda decided to take a job behind her husband’s back, offered by her very trustworthy and friendly high school headmaster. The job was having harmless lunch with traveling salespeople in a local hotel (no monkey business). Her first job was to meet with a successful and very religious traveling salesman who immediately became a true friend. While one of the most important job rules was to never accept an invite into a client’s room, she trusted her first client so much that she did visit that man’s room. They shared a harmless drink, harmlessly chatted, and then she left. The next morning, he was found murdered. Brenda was arrested, tried, and convicted (with no help from her husband) and was sentenced to life in prison. Hey, that’s just the first few chapters. Several close friends, including the high school principal and an eighty-year-old retired private detective, work hard to prove her innocence. Good luck.

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