Rise of the Chimera

The Chimera Saga

Paul C Hill

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Dr. Charlene Klerk, Biologist and Chemist, a young scientist who has lost her family and her early memories. Whilst at a scientific conference, she is attacked by other-worldly creatures and revealed to forces that seek to use her to bring both an ancient terror to the world, and a new one. Yet there are greater forces at work and allies rising to fight with her, to hold back the evils. Despite their seemingly, overwhelming numbers, the legions of darkness may have awakened forces even they cannot control, as the Chimera, ancient guardian of life, makes its’ final moves to preserve reality. Still, can a naive teenage girl, her chauffer, a university professor and a stage illusionist hold off the bizarre, powerful and dangerous creatures before they crush the Earth’s defenders? Ordinary people might fail, but the forces of darkness have made a grave error; their interference activating latent powers in the four, powers that are starting to manifest. Now, the hordes must face the Rise of the Chimera And in the back ground, the ancient evil plots treachery, its’ entry into our realm and the end of all hope.

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