How I Grew from Victim to Survivor

Michael Dymant

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In 2015, author Michael Dymant underwent two major cardiac surgeries to repair aortic aneurisms, a condition marked by an enlargement of the aorta. Ruptured aortas can be and often are fatal. In Heartbeat, Dymant shares his experience of being thrown into the medical system, losing control of his life, and struggling with the physical and emotional challenges of his illness. Through this collection of journal entries and other memories, he offers insights into his surgeries and recoveries, acknowledging the support provided by his wife, nurses, and caregivers. Dymant tells about the physical pain of the procedures as well as the spiritual and emotional challenges he endured—including depression, a common side effect of cardiac surgery. Heartbeat is a narrative of how one man survived two life-threatening surgeries, overcame feelings of isolation and anxiety, and emerged healthy in both body and spirit.

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