The Protectors

Jolynn Angelini

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Angie and her husband, Jeff, seemingly have it all: they are working professionals with their own successful business, have a good marriage and great children. As things unfold in the family business, Angie quickly finds out that Jeff is keeping secrets from her.

Jeff buys a business from Carl’s family and keeps Carl on as an employee. When Carl goes missing, Angie trusts that Jeff will handle the situation but when Jeff also goes missing, she realizes that that won’t be happening. Carl’s disappearance unravels lies and unimaginable deceit. Nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted.

Anna, Carl’s wife, and Angie grow close after they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. They wonder who’s behind it all as they discover that they both have been hiding some things that might change everyone’s lives-possibly forever.

In this fast-paced thriller, a wife and mother must learn to rely on her intuition and the protection of her friends as she is surrounded by secrets and chaos.

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