The Grace of Sin

Forty Facts That Prove the Attack on the World Trade Center Was Predicted in the Bible?s Book of Revelation

Larry Ammons

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For two thousand years, theologians have been attempting to explain the Bible’s book of Revelation. The mysterious last plague, also known as the “seventh vial,” was explained to John by the angel of the Lord and documented in two chapters within Revelation. For centuries, it was a fiercely debated topic because it had not happened yet—until September 11, 2001. In a comprehensive and enlightening biblical study, Larry Ammons extracts forty verses from the two chapters and matches them with forty events that took place at the World Trade Center at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Through fact-based evidence and Bible epigraphs, Ammons demonstrates how and why the ancient prophecies have come true and reveals by truth, not coincidence, how ten men were allowed powers as kings for an hour and forever changed the world in the process. The Grace of Sin is a unique presentation of facts that examines the seventh plague in the book of Revelation, compares biblical facts with actual events, and reveals shocking truths.

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