Miracle of the Prayer Cloth

Amalie Sabali

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Even though they came from different cultures and backgrounds, their love for one anther was real and deep. Author Amalie Sabali, of East Indian descent and a Muslim, was the sixth of ten children. John Aubain was a tall, Catholic Frenchman. They both wanted the same things in life and were married in 1969. In Miracle of the Prayer Cloth, she chronicles their story, including how a traumatic shooting impacted a good portion of their life together. The memoir tells how Johnny was shot in the abdomen in February of 1980 and was in serious condition. Sabali shares the challenges they faced as a family, trying to raise two young daughters, keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table, and helping her husband recuperate after many separate health scares. Miracle of the Prayer Cloth offers uplifting insights about devoted and unconditional love while also telling how faith, prayer, belief, family, and God can lead one through the most difficult of times. It narrates a story of travel, adventure, romance, and overcoming obstacles—from an unfortunate incident and suffering of a loved one to a renewed life and beginning.

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