Understanding the Seasons of Life

Joké Solanké

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Although we are usually adept at preparing for the predictable seasonal changes of nature, we often do not have the understanding or insight necessary to handle changes that occur within the seasons of life. As a result, we are sometimes left flailing when the future we envisioned vanishes or when the relationships that once brought us joy suddenly become the source of unexplainable pain and anguish.

Joké Solanké relies on her background as an inspirational speaker, mentor, and coach to share personal stories, a roadmap to understanding the ever-changing seasons of life, and strategies to engage each season in the face of inevitable adversity and pain that comes our way sooner or later in life. Through her insight, stories, and practical tools, Solanké guides others to

- understand the fundamentals of change;
- become acquainted with the author, architect, designer, and engineer of life;
- prepare for life’s contradictions;
- plant seeds for the next season of life; and
- learn from failures.

Understanding the Seasons of Life offers guidance for anyone seeking a new and creative way to overcome obstacles and ultimately build a meaningful life.

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