Stop Kissing Toads

Pucker Up and Find Your Handsome Prince

Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones

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Do you dream of meeting your handsome prince, a man who will be your lover, friend, soul mate, and partner in crime? Are you looking for a man who will hold your hand through life’s journey, someone to laugh, cry, create success, and have fun with? Why is your Prince Charming so hard to find? InStop Kissing Toads, author Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones empowers women to know and love themselves so they can avoid kissing toads and instead find their handsome prince.

Elizabeth, who has worked as a relationships therapist for more than ten years, teaches you the signs to discern a frog from a toad. She guides you to know and trust yourself so you can listen to your instincts. When you create clarity, this enables you to understand what’s really going on around you. You’ll recognize what’s real and what isn’t and save yourself from the next toxic toad trap.

Stop Kissing Toads offers practical information, tips, and tricks to help you find the partner who is right for you and who will work together to create a relationship of intimacy and connection. This book will give you the power to change your relationships and your life.

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