Samuil and the Legendary Snow Owl

Randall Stephens

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In the 1840s, P’etro Fedorchak narrowly escapes death while fighting for Russia in the Allied Shadow War. While marching in a hero’s parade, he saves Ilia from stampeding horses and is invited to work on her father’s farm. They quickly fall in love and marry. Receiving a land grand for his heroic service they move to the Ukrainian river valley near the mysterious Black Sea. The cabin rests near the edge of the legendary Southern Forest, full of dangerous shadow creatures and deadly demons. While Ilia gives birth to their son, Samuil, P’etro fights off a horde of demons drawn by the delivery. Samuil grows up spending hours in the forest befriending forest creatures. However, he remains uncomfortable and awkward with people. Samuil is a troubled boy struggling with his emotions and unique abilities. He has no idea that numerous shadow creatures stalk the woodlands, seeking him. Only time will tell whether he can fend them off long enough to claim his extraordinary destiny. In this action packed, suspenseful, fantasy, a boy with unusual abilities and a love for the forest finds himself, his neighborhood friends, and his peculiar best friend; the target of shadow monsters for mysterious reasons.

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