A Moment in Time

Lyn Marill

Available Grabbs Remaining: 21

Micaela is just nineteen when she loses the love of her life. Although her determination to become a Broadway actress has not diminished, Micaela’s passion has faded now that her soul mate is gone. As she moves to New York and through the subsequent years, she eventually restarts her life and does her best to pretend Connor never existed. Thirty years have made Micaela an expert in avoiding the memories of her painful past. After attaining her dream of becoming a successful actress and then sabotaging it, Micaela is attempting to live what she believes is a normal life. But everything is about to change when she learns she has cancer. While she tries to come to grips with her new reality, the dreams begin as Connor waits in her memory. As Micaela’s dreams take her back to their love and lead to the one moment that transforms her life forever, she must summon the courage to face the darkness and find the one she thought she lost. A Moment in Time is a story of enduring love as a woman struggles to confront her past and the truth about the man she once loved and lost.

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