The Mighty Adventures of Mouse, the Cat

The Calling of the Protectors: Book 2

Louis Paul DeGrado

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Mouse is a fluffy cat who was born a runt and daughter of a protector—a group of cats destined to protect humans from vermin and evil. Despite the name she received because of her small size, Mouse has giant plans. After she rescues a few of her friends from an animal-control facility, Mouse cannot help but notice the other trapped animals certain to face an unspeakable fate. Trusting her calling and courage, Mouse allies herself with a rat, cockatoo, bulldog, a fancy mouse, weasel, raccoon, and some jazz-loving alley cats to free the animals. But little does she know that their path forward is full of dangers that include vicious dogs, coyotes, crossing roads, and self-doubt. Will Mouse have the courage to overcome her insecurities and lead the group to safety? In this tale of adventure and courage, a tiny cat with a big heart takes on a special mission to rescue a group of animals from a horrible fate.

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