Me and My Poems

Poems from the Heart, Soul and Mind

Anita Harvey

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My inspiration for my poems comes from everywhere—people, movies, my children, everyday life. My poems are mostly about love, life, destiny, fate, emotions and feelings. I feel that in our world we need to feel more and care more about what is happening around us. We just get so busy, we don’t stop to smell the flowers or take much notice of anybody else. We are in such a rush to get from point A to point Z without ever thinking which way we have to go. I would like people to see that my book of poems is inspirational—to love more, care more, take the time to get to know someone for who and what they are, inspire yourself to inspire others, encourage people to love more, care more. Be all you can be, be more in the presents of LIFE. And finally, SMILE. Life is really worth LIVING. Give yourself the chance to breathe and shout out loud I’M ALIVE and LOVING IT. Thank you. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

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