Love Me Just as I Am

Journal, Draw, and Remember Your Way Back to You

Teri Meloche-Greb

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For more than thirty years, author Teri Meloche-Greb existed in a physically abusive relationship. During that time, her soul was slowly sucked out of her, and she lost her identity. She began journaling and was able to figure out who she was and what she wanted most in life. In Love Me Just as I Am, she offers a journal and a sketchbook to help you get to know you and to start putting you first. Meloche-Greb encourages you to forget all others and their preconceived notions of who they think you are or who they think you should be and begin to truly, deeply, and honestly love yourself. Through prompts for both journaling and drawing, Meloche-Greb offers an opportunity for reflection, a quiet time for you to breathe deep and relax into mindfulness. Love Me Just as I Am wants you to be able to live your own journey no matter how different it may be from anyone else’s. It wishes you to revisit the happy, joyful soul that is yours if you let it come out and meet the world.

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