The Captain's House

Donna M. Bevans, Ph.D.

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The Captain’s House is an intriguing story filled with suspense, mystery, and romance.

Do you believe in ghosts? Rachel didn’t, and she wasn’t going to let the rumors of ghosts and a curse stop her from buying a lovely old sea captain’s house.

A husband, who displayed a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, she couldn’t trust and the captain of a fishing boat willing to help her weather a hurricane all add to the intrigue and romance.

Voices in the night, footsteps overhead, and banging noises started to make Rachel think the rumors of a haunted house might be right, but it took meeting the ghosts face-to-face to make her a true believer. Four friendly ghosts who reside in the captain’s house; another ghost, not so friendly, who comes and goes at will; and yet another ghost who surprises Rachel all provide mystery and suspense.

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