180 Days to November

Chase Wyn

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This thriller takes place between May 1 and November 7, Election Day. The governor of Ohio and the president of the United States are both running for reelection. Action involving rape, murder, organized crime, insider trading, sex, and political dealings explode in this run for higher office by Governor Big Ed Thomas and President Jake Stryker. Our hero, Deke Marshall, is drawn into this mess by the rape and murder of Suzi Saito, the governor’s receptionist and Deke’s soulmate. This novel, in addition to the excitement it creates with a tense and unpredictable plot, attempts to show that good people are not perfect and that bad people have some good in them usually—except for one Sammy Ferretti. Deke sets out to avenge Suzi’s death and, in the process, fights to save the governorship of Ohio and the presidency of the United States.

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