The New Way of Living

How to Reconnect with Your Body and Spirit, Gain Mental Clarity, Physical Health, and a New Outlook on the World

Jennifer Reumann

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What did you love doing as a child? What used to bring you joy? In The New Way of Living, author Jennifer Reumann encourages you to rediscover old passions or find new ones—something you can look forward to, that excites and inspires you; something that helps you see yourself in a new way and that shows you the abundance and beauty of this world. She shares how to reconnect with your body and spirit, gain mental clarity, physical health, and a new outlook on the world. Discussing the importance of self-love, Reumann offers tips for wellness and wholeness, inspiring you to examine your life and make positive changes. She presents a variety of self-improvement methods and exercises suitable for each person, regardless of her or his stage of life, age, or level of busyness. The New Way of Living is geared toward anyone who wants to live more consciously, take responsibility for their health and life, and walk through this world more freely.

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