Becoming Myself:

An 87-Year Journey

Margot S. Biestman

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When author Margot S. Biestman was born in 1931, her grandmother told her she came into the world beautiful because she’d been kissed by an angel. The proof: her two dimples, one on each blessed cheek. In Becoming Myself, Biestman offers an extensive and insightful commentary on how personal and professional experiences lead to self-examination and growth. Along with examples of her poems and other creative expressions, she reflects on a youth living among a family of artists, growing up in San Francisco, and becoming a teacher. Biestman’s artistic nature has informed her life’s journey as a maverick who chose not to be boxed in by the social environment she was born into. Becoming Myself: An Eighty-Seven-Year Journey of Engaging the Senses through Breath and Creative Expression resonates with the courage to stay true to oneself and to forge a different and inspiring path.

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