Pedal Pushers Coast-to-Coast

A Cross-country Bike Tour Fueled by Kindness

Marianne Worth Rudd

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They expected snow, lightning, heat, and wind while bicycling cross-country. That happened. They did not expect a car collision, a broken arm, or Hurricane Sandy. That happened, too. For thirty-two years, Marianne Worth Rudd dreamed about cycling cross-country, almost as long as she’d known her husband, Terry. She thought she had her husband figured out. She thought the bike trip was about getting to the Atlantic. She discovered she was mistaken about both. Pedal Pushers Coast-to-Coast is her story of their 2012 cycling quest from the Pacific to the Atlantic, chronicling the challenges, joys, and surprises of their 4500-mile, twelve-week bicycle journey. Personal quirks became quirkier. Pain and grief unexpectedly seized the trip mid-way with a car collision and broken arm for Terry, but three months later, their quest resumed—on a snowy October day in northern Minnesota. From one coast to another, Marianne (Mari) and Terry experienced not only the changing terrain and state borders, but an elation far more gratifying than just reaching destinations--they discovered the curiosity and kindness of strangers, and the lasting impact. From simple gifts of root beer and oranges on a hot day, to shelter from a lightning storm and random invitations countrywide for meals and lodging, strangers offered unexpected generosity and care throughout their travels. Pedal Pushers Coast-to-Coast chronicles a transcontinental cycling adventure marked by challenge, resilience, and hope, and illustrates the outpouring of kindness and generosity from strangers across the continent.

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