We Sleep They Live

David Michael Beechwood

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Today, we are feeling the loss of our privacy like no other generation has. We are also being led down a path that fuels the evil intents of those who collect our secrets. Rather than being warmed by the suggested security blanket, most of us have felt a little uncovered at times.
Our lives are often shamefully exposed by people with self-serving epic desires to know everything about each of us. Those involved in this prying employ little known or hidden processes. These methods have been used against us by both criminals and the government. Unendingly, we are asked to conform to intrusive measures or laws that severely alter our lives.
Who is it that is restructuring our lives in all too often negative ways? While considering what has been happening here, an interesting comparison struck me. It came from an old movie called They Live. Others who have watched this movie likely had similar thoughts of comparing it to the reality we all face today. I have taken those lighthearted comparisons and have carried them further in this book. The effort here is to bring to light what most of us already know but do not want to take seriously.
We live in a world that really does have evil people lurking behind the scenes. They take advantage of us with impunity. Why? – Because very few people are looking deep enough to uncover the webs of deceit that exist. This book uses the backdrop of the movie to paint a real-world comparison of those treacheries that befall most of us. The schemes used by those behind-the-curtain villains to perpetuate their corruptions on the world are addressed herein. This book might seem like a work of fiction, but sorry to say, it’s a nonfiction title.

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