A Memoir

PJ Karr, Ph.D.

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The world is always in need of love—and perhaps, more today than ever.

In an insightful memoir, PJ Karr, Ph.D., captures our need for solace and enlightenment within the heartfelt letters her parents exchanged during World War II, anniversaries, and birthdays. Karr’s mother gifted her with the letters prior to her death in 2013. “Share our love and family letters in your next book.” She had read Karr’s book genres, but gave special encouragement to write this memoir for today’s world in need of love. Tucked away in her closet until 2017, PJ finally accepted it was time to unearth and showcase the efficacy of her parents’ unconditional love. Through her parents’ writings, Karr draws back readers to chaotic times in American history and war horrors consuming news headlines. As Karr’s young father-to-be wrote in secret code of his whereabouts, her mother consoled him with her devout letters. As their letters lead us through a life’s journey together, JJ and Margaret bring three children into the world, celebrate wonderful occasions, and grow old, never once ceasing to love each other as fully as they did in the beginning—ultimately, inspiring others to do the same.

Spellbound: A Memoir shares heartfelt letters between endearing soulmates as they progress through life, proving that unconditional love is the secret to happiness, even during the most disquieting and chaotic times.

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