Justice For All


Christy Kyser Truitt

Dunham Books (publisher)

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K.D. Jennings juggles law school, a full-time job as a paralegal at Ingram and Associates and falling in love with fellow student Trip Folsom. She lives in small-town Alabama with her clinically depressed mother and the memories of the father who abandoned them both. Anger and resentment as a small child fuel the motivation to succeed at all cost as an adult. The case of a lifetime walks through the door of K.D.'s employer, Ezra Ingram, whose last opponent filed bankruptcy. A couple wants to sue the doctor who they allege killed their son, the local football star, treating him for a concussion rather than the obvious heat stroke which took his life. The firm, well-versed on property-line disputes, dog bites, and Ingram's ongoing divorce with his wife, has never argued a wrongful death complaint. K.D. wades through discovery documents, unearthing secrets about the doctor and his relationship with an ER nurse and shoddy reports from the understaffed hospital. The hired medical expert will attest to a clear-cut case of malfeasance. Ingram promises K.D. a big enough bonus to finance law school and purchase the medication for her mother's depression. Yet K.D. discovers the doctor is her new love's uncle. The information presents a dilemma - does K.D. proceed with the suit and risk losing true love or turn her back on Ingram, the closest thing to a father she's known? Through a court case with surprising twists and turns, the sting and joy of love in all forms, K.D. learns she must free herself from anger's bondage to discover a life on purpose and finds that forgiveness provides the true Justice for All.

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