It Was Never About the Ketchup!

The Life and Leadership Secrets of H. J. Heinz

Steve Lentz

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

In a world that has become increasingly complex, complicated and impersonal, it is easy to feel that each of our individual lives is relatively insignificant. But nothing could be further from the truth. Every life is unique! Each of us is created with the potential to make this world a better place because of our presence in it! The life of H. J. Heinz can inspire each of us to live a life that makes a difference. What makes his life so inspiring to me is his love for the common - the common place, the common man, today's common tasks and work. H. J. Heinz built an empire by doing common things uncommonly well! In the process, he left his mark in this world and left a legacy - a fortune - for generations to come. But his focus was never on his fortune. It never was about the ketchup!

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