Zip and Zap Take a Nap

Christine A. Gowey

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Adrenal fatigue goes under-diagnosed in children, in fact, it is rarely diagnosed but is the underlying cause of symptoms in a large majority of kids.  Kids are put on amphetamine like medications or antidepressants, when hormone imbalances are a more likely cause of symptoms but are not tested or treated. Treating the adrenals is not hard, but does take awareness. Christine Gowey captures the essence of a message that needs to get to kids and parents alike on the necessity of taking life a bit slower, not being so active, and getting more sleep or eating better. Simple things can make a huge difference in the way a child feels. This is a topic NO ONE is talking about for kids.  NO ONE is addressing the adrenal glands in children but Dr. Brandie Gowey, NMD has started to diagnose and treat it in kids with amazing results (in terms of reversing symptoms to normal).

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