The Brink

How Great Leadership Is Invented

Mark Hunter

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Leadership is built not born, and it is not built in a vacuum.
Great leaders are most powerfully created on the way toward a great endeavor, or in the face of a great challenge. The Brink is a leadership model that uses climbing a mountain as a metaphor for that challenge, and is a guide to creating and fostering that endeavor into reality for you and your leadership.
Leadership is not built in comfortable, settled, and unchallenged people. There is nothing for it to feed and grow on in that emptiness.
There is no reason or urgency to lead in the absence of a great challenge. Whether you have your own great challenge already or not, The Brink is the environment and the pathway to create and nurture that challenge in service of your leadership on purpose.
On The Brink, you do not have to know "how" in order to start building leadership. You only need to know that you want to and are willing. This choice takes courage, and the rewards are dynamic and limitless-for you and the world around you that needs your leadership.
The Brink speaks to you as an individual willing to take on your own leadership, guiding you to use your own great challenge as the stone upon which your leadership will be sharpened. You will be confronted and forever changed along the way, in some places that are familiar and many that are completely new to you.
Designed for the executive, the entrepreneur, the dreamer, and the action junkie, The Brink is a revelatory philosophy of leadership distilled into clearly actionable steps. Leadership is invented and honed on the brink, and you will be changed forever by walking this path to leadership.

Remember, anyone can be a leader. Not everyone chooses to.
The world needs you to be a leader. There are so many reasons not to, and a few very good reasons to lead that you cannot afford to ignore any longer.

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