A Holistic Approach to Ending Your Struggle with Food

Laura Dawn

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

We know that the primary reason we eat is because our body needs fuel to survive, yet our relationship with food extends far beyond that---it's not just about what we should or shouldn't be eating. It incorporates aspects of our physiology, emotions, behaviors, and thought patterns, and how we feel about our lives, all rooted in a culture that supports and fosters an unhealthy, disordered relationship with food. Despite our repeated efforts, many of us find ourselves falling back into the same habitual patterns around food---habits that keep us overweight and unhappy.
Laura Dawn sheds light on how we get hooked on the food struggle from six primary perspectives: environmental, physiological, behavioral, mental, emotional and spiritual, and provides concrete steps you can take to unhook yourself from the struggle with food.
"Unhooked" cuts through the over-complex and contradictory dieting information flooding the market and provides a clear blueprint for people to step onto the path of vibrant health and freedom from the struggle.
"Unhooked" approaches the pertinent topic of overeating from a multi-dimensional, holistic, and mindfulness-based approach that encompasses the broader perspective of healing our relationship with food from the inside-out. Drawing on a range of easy-to-understand information, Laura Dawn consistently points to nature, to science, to the wisdom traditions and personal experience for the answers so many seek.
"Unhooked" offers a unique framework of solutions, practical tips, a wealth of wisdom and easy to implement advice for anyone struggling with food---whether it be chronic overeating, incessant cravings, food addiction, yo-yo dieting, disordered eating, the inability to eat certain foods in moderation, obsession with weight and preoccupation with food that so many millions of people experience each and every day.
"Unhooked" empowers readers to shift their perspective from food as enemy to food as friend, fueling the transformation to vibrant health and reminds us that we are all worthy to live the healthy lives of our dreams.

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