Outgrow Middle Management

Accelerate Your Climb to the Top

Dave Osh

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Outgrow Middle Management: Accelerate Your Climb to the Top helps corporate executives speed up their climb to the corner office, multiply their income, and accomplish their personal aspirations-all while living meaningful, abundant, and love-filled lives.
Find out what the most effective, highest paid, and super successful corporate executives do differently that enables them to earn millions of dollars and reach the top of the corporate game faster than others, who are stuck in middle management, struggling financially, and feeling aimless, frustrated, and stressed.
Outgrow Middle Management discloses the secrets of the highest achievers of the corporate world and what they have figured out about leadership that makes them so unique. This practical guide teaches a completely new framework for a successful corporate career through real-life experiences of a multinational CEO.
Outgrow Middle Management is a simple success blueprint for executives who want to rise to the corner office faster than they could ever have dreamed-without sacrificing their relationships and wellbeing.

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