Your God-Given Dignity

Give Yourself the Respect You Deserve­­-the Respect God Gives You

Jacqui Biernat
Linus A. Mathis

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Your God Given Dignity is a heartfelt yet fun companion to help make positive changes in self-acknowledgment. Often Christian women work very hard, taking on leadership and supportive roles in the church, community, at their jobs and with their families, only to neglect themselves to their own physical, mental, and spiritual detriment. When complete in Christ, living in relationship with the heavenly Father, we can handle what is necessary, know when to say enough, and know when to ask for help. The practices within these pages help bring us back to alignment. Your God Given Dignity presents simple concepts with verses and quotes, insights and action steps that incorporate learning strategies using all five senses (given to us by God for a purpose) to imbed positive thoughts—and especially God’s words—into our brains. The goal is to bring our minds back from “unworthy” thoughts to what God thinks through repetition and other practices. The renewed mind becomes easier as the thoughts of God, positive images, and supportive actions are consistently practiced and reinforced. Some of these practices involve goal setting and observing daily life to find personal strengths and passions so they can be strengthened even more. Christ’s disciples were just that—“disciplined ones”—but it doesn’t happen overnight. That is what we endeavor to pursue, step-by-step discipline, with these positive practices to incorporate God’s thoughts into our minds. Gentle reminders of what we do have put us back on the road to full capacity with less internal resistance. The trick is to acknowledge those things in ourselves and remember that God has made us worthy. “Failures” need to be forgiven and forgotten, and successes acknowledged for the gift they are. When we can truly believe God at His Word without reservation, through the renewed mind, we can shine as brilliant lights in this world.

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