From the Bedroom to the Boardroom and Back

Scott Shimberg
Heidi Shimberg

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

There's only one thing in business more intense than sailing solo into the risks and challenges of entrepreneurship: managing your business alongside your spouse. The challenges as a couple are unique. CoupleCEOs often struggle to create balance between growing their business, enjoying a happy family, and living a healthy lifestyle. The entrepreneurial journey together is a complex one; living and working with your partner 24/7 can be the best of times and the worst of times.
You'll need courage, guidance, and all the right tools to fully realize your shared dreams. Join double-decade, quarter-billion-dollar CoupleCEO Heidi & Scott Shimberg, as they explore the intricacies and intimacies of living and loving life as an entrepreneurial couple. Journey with them as they progress from a quiet mountain sunrise to managing a happy relationship, a flourishing family, and a thriving business.
CoupleCEO: From the Bedroom to the Boardroom and Back addresses the specific challenges facing you as a team and as partners with actionable lifestyle advice, proven business management strategies, and colourful guidance that answer questions like:
· How can you put the spark back in your relationship and make sure it stays lit?
· How do you live a life where your business and relationship coexist and thrive?
· How can you ensure you nurture yourselves, your family, and your business equally for success?
Read and discover the secrets to living a lifestyle complete with a business full of profit and a relationship full of passion.
Intimacy • Time Management • Health & Fitness • Business Strategies • Goals & Dreams

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