Daycare Diaries

Unlocking the Secrets and Dispelling Myths Through TRUE STORIES of Daycare Experiences

Rebecca McLaughlin
Rita Palashewski

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

We all know that what goes on behind closed doors can often be very different from the image we see on the outside. The same can be true for your child’s daycare. How much do you know about what truly goes on during the day before your child greets you with a clean face and a smile? How do you find the right daycare or know that the one you have chosen is indeed the best choice? Every parent wants peace of mind knowing their children are in good hands with people they can trust, but how can they ever really be sure? Imagine that you were given a magic crystal ball that allowed you to see what your kids were experiencing at daycare. . . Daycare Diaries provides you with a realistic “behind the scenes” peek into the daycare world that parents hardly ever get to see. Written by two daycare providers with over 30 years’ combined experience, Daycare Diaries is a unique collection of true stories, each providing a lesson that will leave you worrying, wondering, laughing, and crying, but ultimately more empowered to find the “perfect” daycare for your child.   Daycare Diaries takes you into the minds of daycare providers as well as sheds light on a highly misunderstood profession. Just as a quality daycare provider can offer your child a wealth of positive experiences, the wrong provider can cause harm.  By opening unknowing eyes and shedding light on the realities that exist in most daycares, we will help parents to form the crucial questions that really matter when choosing quality childcare. Let our experience be your guide on this exciting journey of finding your child’s ideal “home away from home”.  Daycare Diaries is the crystal ball to your child’s little world of daycare. Open it up and see what it’s waiting to reveal to you. . .you just might be surprised

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