Getting In!

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Outstanding Portfolio, Earning Scholarships and Securing Your Spot at Art School

Nancy Crawford

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

The Definitive Guide to Creating with Passion, Getting Accepted to Art School, Earning Scholarships and Thriving as an Artist As an art educator, Nancy Crawford’s role is to help her students create authentic and meaningful works of art, get into art school, and earn scholarships to make that experience possible. After watching her students struggle to achieve their artistic goals, Crawford realized that much of what people believe about getting into art school and living the life of an artist is undermining and sabotages their success. Sadly, most emerging artists today think that the way to get into art school is to merely create a portfolio of artworks that showcase their talents and skills. They may also believe that in order to pursue art as a career or lifestyle they need to exhibit some exceptional or extraordinary attributes. Perhaps they allow their dreams to be derailed buying into the cliché of the “starving artist.” These myths couldn’t be further from the truth. Drawing on more than twenty-five years of experience preparing students for art school, Crawford shares her strategies for success in Getting In!, a process that her students describe as life-changing. Getting In! provides a clear framework outlining how to become the ideal art school candidate, create with passion, and enjoy the process. Getting In! provides a step-by-step program for clearly outlining artistic and creative goals. It identifies ten key ingredients of a successful art school application, reviews ten strategies for maximizing vitality and creativity, explores the powerful stages of the creative process, and introduces a myriad of ways to create a unique and exceptional portfolio worthy of scholarship, along with several other essential components that contribute to success as an artist at post-secondary school and beyond.

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