Life After Breath

After Her Husband Takes His Last Breath, and After She Tries to Catch Hers

Susan VandePol

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

“During those last few months, the pressure was something of another world and as earthly life wept, the bleeding of our hearts began to mingle with eternity and hovered in a strange vapor. There was no song to be heard; just the rhythm of waiting; and life held its breath.” “The truth of what is ahead for you must be found in God’s Word. You will see there that you are meant to be one of His greatest allies in these times of faint hearts and tribulation. As a widow, you have been called for a great and unique purpose.” The word “widow” carries with it the meaning of being severed; torn apart from what she was once one with. In Hebrew, it means “an empty house.” To be a widow also means to be prepared “apart” but God’s tender heart never meant for her to be isolated and crippled. Widows are prepared apart for a “set-apart” calling. Life After Breath is a warm and honest companion and friend in the midst of a widow’s darkness and seclusion, and sets in place the foundation for her future with insight into a sacred Biblical revelation that will take your breath away.

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