Reclaim Your Body & Life From the Inside Out

Michelle Armstrong

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

TRANSFORM. . .is not like any other book about weight loss that you’ve read. It’s more than a diet prescription and exercise routine. There are plenty of books that can help you with that. TRANSFORM offers something new and profound. A step by step approach that will empower you to transform your physical self AND your life by discovering how to tap into and modify the mental and emotional programming that is sabotaging your ability to create the results you want. TRANSFORM teaches you how to make long-lasting change to your body and life by making powerful and profound modifications to your psychology and mindset. It’s more than just a meal plan and a workout---it’s a blueprint for living a more fulfilling, healthier life! TRANSFORM doesn’t just tell you what to do---eat this, train that. Most people know they should exercise more and eat cleaner. Although TRANSFORM does provide this information too. It’s not what you already know that’s the issue. It’s what you don’t know about yourselves that is sabotaging your ability to act on what you know. TRANSFORM reveals to you through an experimential approach how to identify and remove the sabotaging blocks to your success. TRANSFORM recognizes that we are more than just a body. We are made up of the mind, the body and the spiritual---we are mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic AND physical beings. For true transformation and total wellness to occur ALL of these facets of Self must be addressed. This is why TRANSFORM takes a holistic approach to physical transformation which is more than just diet and exercise---your mental program and emotional behaviors and programming must be explored, scrutinized and examined.

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