The Abyss We All Face

Bill Becknell

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

"FAITH: The Abyss We All Face" is about faith and the journey of one person along that road. There were extreme hardships, pain, brokenness, sacrifices, miracles and even some near-death experiences along the way. It is a true story of one man’s journey that led him to the literal “Ends of the Earth” where time after time, he heard the same questions, expressed in different ways to challenge his faith, and the faith of others. Along this road to the “Ends of the Earth” he found an unexpected treasure. . .JOY! He learned that no matter how difficult the circumstances, the pain, and or brokenness were, God has an unfailing Love that is beyond comprehension. It sounds so “trite” and “simple” but when you are “one” with God, (John 17: 20-21) it is the most amazing thing you can imagine. This book will help you understand how you can be “one” with God through all the brokenness, suffering, and yes. . .even crucifixion of this life. Brokenness and sorrow are a part of living, and no one can change that. What we do about tragedy in our lives is an issue of faith. "FAITH" is written to encourage all believers young and old not to be afraid to step out into the unknown “abyss of faith.” Non-Believers may also find the stories and adventures interesting to read and apply to their lives, because “faith” is something everyone has. “There is no greater JOY than following Jesus, even if He leads you to the ‘Ends of the Earth.’”

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