Finding His Footprints in the Sand

God's Grace to Women in an Ungracious World

Erica S. Kim

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

A defining moment. Perhaps you’ve had one, an experience that explains who you are today. God had a defining moment. His Son died on the cross for our sins, changing history and his relationship with mankind. Still, his forgiveness, love and sacrifice are concepts unfamiliar to much of the world. Ignorant of such grace, society bombards us with the daily temptation to measure up or perform. When we fail to achieve the desired results, we struggle to feel God’s grace. This is especially true when life hits us hard through tragedy, unfortunate events and prolonged suffering---we question; we wonder; we misunderstand his amazing grace. This can cause us to battle shame, self-doubt and bitterness. When dark times come, are you able to find strength in God’s grace? Do you defeat insecurity, lack of self-worth and guilt through your view of grace? Have you seen your Lord’s footprints in the sand when you look back at the most difficult times in your life? Do your struggles and disappointments bring you to a deeper understanding of his grace? In "Footprints in the Sand: God’s Grace to Women in an Ungracious World", Erica Kim starts with a defining moment in her personal life---the tragic death of her mother---to describe her journey to rediscover God’s grace. Through poignant true-life stories and teachings about women in the Bible, you will be led from the book of Genesis to the cross to see without a doubt how God has carried each one of us in his arms through every dark and hopeless moment to help you to experience fulfillment and spiritual growth.

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