The Forest Gods' Reign

Alexandria Hook

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

“He stays.” Those two simple words would seal the fates of more than a dozen teenagers. Six years earlier, Ashley and her friends discovered they were reincarnations of the Greek gods when they survived a trip into the deadly forest and received a prophecy foretelling a war in their future. They had six years to prepare, to make sense of the prophecy. Ashley thought six years would be enough. But it wasn't even close. Nothing in the gods’ tiny town or their beloved forest could have prepared them for the sudden problems that arise after the arrival of a mysterious teenage boy, a human. The gods all know he’s dangerous, but only Ashley, aka Athena the goddess of wisdom and war, knows there is more to this boy’s destiny. And she has sworn to keep it a secret. Unfortunately, Lord Hades, the ruler of the Underworld, and his monster assassins don’t give the other gods much time to get to the truth. Now, the gods and the hero-in-training have no choice but to work together with a corrupt society to defend to the death their once-carefree reign. How will it all end?

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