Different Minds

Joyce E. Rayess

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Having lost her mother and aunt in a catastrophic accident, Cassandra Kelly decides that living is too painful. She makes a decision to donate her organs and travels to Colorado to die. When a sudden accident takes Cassandra’s life, her soul is donated to a beautiful comatose girl named Julie by way of a partial brain transfer. The transfer snaps Julie out of her two-year coma, but it is Cassandra’s soul that is truly living and breathing in Julie’s body. When Cassandra realizes what has happened to her, she freaks out and pretends to have lost her memory. Julie’s fiancé, Eric Green, is overwhelmed with joy when his bride-to-be opens her eyes. Cassandra, in Julie’s body, recognizes Eric, the hateful, annoying guy from her university, and is stunned to learn she’s supposed to marry him. Trying to cope with her new circumstances, Cassandra doesn’t know whether she should expose her true identity. And there is something else—Robert, a love she had kept secret. Now that she inhabits the body of an amazingly beautiful and popular girl, Cassandra ponders redeeming that never-spoken love. Will she, or will she marry Eric?

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