Capital For Keeps

Limit Litigation Risk While Raising Capital

Russell C. Weigel
Wayne Allyn Root
Weigel, Russell C.
Root, Wayne Allyn

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Raising Capital for Your Company or Your Real Estate Acquisition? Russell Weigel has been practicing securities law since 1990. For more than ten of these years he was an attorney for the Securities & Exchange Commission. Since 2001, he has been in private practice counseling public and private capital raisers and defending the securities industry and corporate executives from SEC and FINRA enforcement matters. Russell Weigel opens your eyes to the risks of raising capital but shows you a path to minimize these risks. Whether private or public, companies raising capital the wrong way and not properly planning for unforeseen events can result in substantial loss. Capital for Keeps is designed to save the entrepreneur thousands of dollars in legal fees by educating them on their options and the standards of conduct expected of them to stay away from the courthouse.

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