More Than a Lemonade Stand

The Complete Guide for Planning, Implementing & Running a Successful Youth Entrepreneur Camp

Julie Ann Wood

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

What if there was an opportunity to teach the youth in our society the fundamental concepts of growing and developing into amazing entrepreneurs? Or how about educating the next generation on what it really takes to run the companies and grow into the decision-makers and game-changers? "More Than a Lemonade Stand: The Complete Guide for Planning, Implementing & Running a Successful Youth Entrepreneur Camp" offers you the exciting resources and tools to build a curriculum to plan and run an educationally oriented youth entrepreneurial camp and the flexibility to pull activities out to incorporate them into your existing program. More than ever, entrepreneurs run the world. They own the largest companies, have the greatest financial freedom, and are at the epicenter of our business world. And we often hear the stories that each of these extremely successful men and women started at a young age with sound business practices and salesmanship. Maybe it was a lemonade stand, a baseball card collection, or even a newspaper route. Regardless of the business, they were hustling and learning fundamental practices very early in life. "More Than a Lemonade Stand" offers you the inside curriculum to build a camp geared towards offering youth something they haven't quite seen before. Brainstorming, conceptualizing, and building a business from scratch is an opportunity rarely available for our young men and women. But through creating and planning these camp sessions, our children are offered an out-of-the-box camp experience that separates them from everyone else. Learning these tools and analytical thinking early in life can open amazing doors later on. Whether you want to create a whole camp experience or just incorporate entrepreneurial activities in your existing program; "More Than a Lemonade Stand" will take you on the ins and outs of how to build this exciting opportunity and welcome in the future of business leaders-one program at a time.

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