The Couple's Road Trip Guide

Relationship Lessons Learned From Life on the Road

Josh Parafinik
Aminda Parafinik

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

A 1500 pound bear, stowaway mice, and a toothless tow-truck driver---when Josh and Aminda Parafinik left on a summer camping, biking and rock climbing adventure, they didn’t realize how integral these things would be to teaching them about marriage. "The Couple’s Road Trip Guide" uses tales from the road to illustrate how a successful road trip is analogous to the journey of married life. If you are engaged or newly married and tired of hearing that marriage is hard work, don’t be discouraged. God gave us marriage as a gift, and He wants it to be enjoyable! He blessed us with a wide world to explore with our spouse by our side. Come sit down next to the campfire with Josh and Aminda as they share their road map for making marriage a joy and lifelong adventure.

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