Have Fun & Get A's

How to Study Less and Achieve More

Carolyn Zhao

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

High school students are experiencing more pressure and stress than ever before. How can parents and teachers help them succeed not just in school, but in life? Author and university teacher Carolyn Zhao knows from experience that the answer isn’t just to stay up later and study harder. It is possible to have fun---and get A’s! Sharing her method that transformed her own son from a struggling high school student into an Ivy League freshman, Zhao explains that a quality education is not just about achieving high marks, but becoming a well-rounded individual---and top universities and employers are actively seeking such students right now. In "Have Fun and Get A’s", Zhao reveals: Why developing your “Emotional Quotient” (EQ) is just as important as IQ How to combine intellectual learning with hands-on practice for best retention How to study less and achieve more Why playing sports is crucial for mind, body, and character How having fun develops our creative mind and highest potential How to develop a lifelong service mindset "Have Fun and Get A’s" encourages parents and teachers to help our youth become agents of change, not victims of it. It also empowers young people to take charge of their own transformation by dreaming big and developing the right mindset for success. Discover how to develop your potential, so you can reap the rewards for a lifetime!

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