Not at Your Child's Expense

A Guide to Constructive Parenting

Judith Fitzsimmons
Fitzsimmons, Judith

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Arm yourself with the tools you need to parent with confidence, raise happy and independent children, and find the fulfillment you deserve. You’re getting divorced; you’re angry, afraid, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Stop, stop and breathe. What lies ahead is a journey that starts now -- with the focus on you becoming the person you want to be and the parent you need to be. You can get through this and "Not At Your Child’s Expense" can help. Do you feel like you’ll never laugh again, engage in a meaningful exchange with your former spouse or parent with confidence? You can and you will. You’re taking the first step right now by getting the help you need as you navigate through the stages of establishing a long-term, mutually-beneficial co-parenting relationship. Judith Fitzsimmons’ successful co-parenting story might seem uncommon, but it is an experience that, with the right tools and attitude, you can achieve in your own family unit. "Not At Your Child’s Expense" is a guide to help you overcome the obstacles of divorce and co-parenting, find a path to clearer thinking, and develop a healthy family dynamic. "Not At Your Child’s Expense" provides valuable, practical ideas that are constructive to you, your co-parent, and, most importantly, your child. While you may not have expected your life to reach this phase, you do have a choice on how to move forward.

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