Fashionably Late

A Sexy Little Twist to Revitalize You and ReDesign Your Life!

Danne Reed

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Feel like life is passing you by while you’re busy earning a living, running errands and doing the laundry? Ever ask yourself what happened to that fun and fearless gal you used to be? Well, it’s time to dust off, doll up and arrive Fashionably Late to your own Life! All you need is a Sexy Little Twist: Sexy, as in confident, courageous, determined, energetic and playful. Little, as in small steps back to the real You. Twist, as in a plot twist, a twist of fate and that little fruit curl that makes a dull cocktail a Party in a Glass! You’re not out of the game yet, girlfriend. It’s never too late to become that courageous, captivating, confident gal you always knew you could be! It’s the point in your life story where we come to the unexpected plot twist: • ‘Fess up to your brilliance • Wipe out what’s holding you back • Wake up your imagination • Step into the purpose of your life • Show off your inner beauty • Breathe new life into your relationships Fashionably Late: A Sexy Little Twist to Revitalize You and ReDesign Your Life! will take you on an adventure to rediscover and recapture the beautiful, passionate, fulfilling life you always dreamed you’d live.

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