Go Slow to Go Fast

Tools to Disrupt Incumbent Strategy & Behavior to WIN your Competitive Landscape

Damian D. 'Skipper' Pitts

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

"Go Slow to Go Fast" strategy counteracts Big-bang disruptors, causing change without early warning signs that makes practitioners incredibly hard to combat. Leaders using the strategy understand that two things are sure to happen; you either disrupt or you’re going to be disrupted! For this reason, "Go Slow to Go Fast" strategy offers proven and credible strategic principles to help leaders and organizations survive big bangs to become Big-bang disruptors in their own right, creating their own strategic advantage within the competitive landscape they operate. By the end of the text, readers will be better equipped to think strategically, focus sharply, move quickly (as extraordinary leaders do), and 1) create differentiated products, services and behaviors to overcome incumbent thinking. 2) Integrate new strategy perspectives to grow revenues, market share and profits using Next-Level Practice Decisions (NLPDs) that go beyond best practices to form Next-Level Practices (NLPs). 3) Disrupt incumbent markets to avoid Big-bang disruption. 4) Avoid risk, lead out from crises before they happen and go beyond incumbent thinking to achieve performance-driven execution. In the end, "Go Slow to Go Fast" strategy is the step-wise procedural approach that reviewers have called “a timely paradigm shift that creates much needed dialogue with an objective approach for thought-leadership decisions to be made” about how to challenge the norms using empirical findings that will ‘work,’ ‘will matter’ and ‘will stick!’

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