Miserably Happy

Infuse Your Life with Genuine Meaning, Purpose, Health, and Happiness

Kevin J. Brannick
Michelle A. Brannick

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Happiness is one of the most written about topics in the world. It has been a core concern of humans since the beginning of time. However, "Miserably Happy" provides a unique lens in which to view this powerful emotion. While acknowledging the positive dimension of happiness (as most books do), "Miserably Happy" is also focused on the negative consequences. These negative consequences are based on the current academic and popular conceptualization of happiness being related to the experience of pleasure. In recognizing the negative dimension of happiness, "Miserably Happy" explains how the pursuit of happiness often leads to misery. Twelve-step programs are an example of how various pursuits of happiness can have tragic consequence. Alcoholism, drug abuse, over eating, and sex addiction all begin with the pursuit of pleasure and the hope of happiness. "Miserably Happy" ties our experience of genuine happiness to our fidelity to the physical-mental- spiritual properties of the human. The spiritual property of the mind presented in "Miserably Happy" is open to scientific explanation. It is a transcendent property and applies to any and all human conscious activity and defines human genuiness and authenticity. The human mind is an emergent property of our biology and therefore, aligned with our biology, defines our health and wellness. As the authors point out “In living within our created nature we become deeply connected to ourselves, others, our communities, the environment and, indeed, the universe. Our journey to discover the secrets of genuine happiness ends up at its point of departure. The secret to lasting genuine happiness is found in nature.” By decisively identifying the structure and norms of human body-mind-spirit, "Miserably Happy" provides an absolute basis for defining healthy human functioning and development and pinpoints the pervasive impact healthy development and functioning have on our ability to experience meaning, purpose, and genuine happiness. Take the challenge, refine your understanding and experience of happiness, become a creative and powerful force of genuine happiness and experience the exciting results your efforts will have on others.

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