God Has a Reason for Everything

A Book of Tragedy and Miracles That Can Make You Believe There is No Such Thing as a Coincidence

Chery Manning

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

It’s 1989. Jason and Chery were dating for almost nine months in Phoenix, Arizona. She was setting up for a reunion party with all her friends from Alaska that went to college in Arizona or California. His friend Joe invites them to go three-wheeling on the same day, but earlier allowing them to still make the party on time. She is not excited about the trip, but gives in. On the last run of the day, there is a terrible accident. The events to follow are miraculous and cannot be considered coincidences. The accident happens forty-five minutes away from the nearest town and cell phones don’t exist. Help may not get there in time. However, the unexpected does happen. Help comes in a most miraculous way. One will not make it. The other is put into a coma. There will be an intense and agonizing recovery. The recovery will have to be made in phases decided by the doctors. They have to be sure the information can be handled and accepted without giving up the fight to survive. As time progresses, God always seems to be there. More miraculous events transpire to get the results He’s looking for, in things to come. The one that survives never understands the events that happened that day, until much later. Looking back, God has a reason for everything. We never fully understand our purpose in life, but sometimes it is made known. This is a true story of how miracles do happen, on a daily basis. You just have to listen to God’s voice to understand. Trust me, you will know when God is speaking to you.

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